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A snorkeling trip is one of the most enjoyable and active forms of vacation for divers, swimmers, and water lovers of all kinds. It is important to be aware that not just any piece of equipment will do when planning a trip where safety and comfort are crucial. If you are not familiar with Tusa Masks, it is a mask that was specifically created for divers who want high quality and safety but at an affordable price.

Tusa masks are designed and made to enhance your experience underwater. All Tusa snorkeling & diving masks use the most cutting-edge technology and design

With a large range of Tusa scuba diving Masks to choose from, you will be sure to find one that fits your needs. They are designed for both comfort and performance in the water. They are available in a variety of styles and colors, with many featuring Tusa’s patented Freedom Technology which allows for a 3D mask fitting. With a huge range of sizes and styles, there is a mask to suit every face shape and snorkeling or diving need.

In this article we will review the following masks:

  1. Tusa Freedom Ceos Dive Mask
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  2. Tusa Paragon Scuba Diving Mask
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  3. Tusa Paragon S Mask
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  4. Tusa Freedom HD Scuba Diving mask
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Quick Comparison

Here is a comparison table between Tusa Freedom Ceos, Tusa Paragon, Tusa Paragon S, and Tusa Freedom HD scuba diving masks:

FeatureTusa Freedom CeosTusa ParagonTusa Paragon STusa Freedom HD
Lens materialCrystalView optical glassUltra-clear glassUltra-clear glassCrystalView optical glass
Skirt materialPure siliconePure siliconePure siliconePure silicone
Frame materialNoneMonocoque techno-polymerMonocoque techno-polymerNone
Strap materialPure siliconePure siliconePure siliconePure silicone
Buckle typeQuick-Adjust buckleDual-Component SwivelDual-Component SwivelBuckle with roller
Weight6 ounces6.3 ounces6.3 ounces7.1 ounces
Field of vision180 degrees180 degrees180 degrees180 degrees
Prescription lensYes, customizableYes, customizableYes, customizableYes, customizable

Tusa Freedom Ceos Dive Mask

The Tusa Freedom Ceos Dive Mask is a single lens mask with a low-profile design. The Freedom Ceos mask has a low volume design and offers a wide field of vision. It is made from high-quality silicone that provides comfort and durability. This is an ideal mask for scuba diving, free diving, and snorkeling.

Tusa Mask:  Freedom Ceos Dive Mask
Image: Amazon.com

The Freedom Ceos is available in a wide range of colors including several shades of blue, green and black; as well as metallic colors like silver and gold.

For maximum comfort, this mask features Tusa’s patented 3D Strap. This unique strap has soft edges that provide a comfortable fit, even if it has to be positioned close to your ears. A wide neoprene strip covers most of the back strap for extra comfort and support, particularly for people with long hair who might otherwise have trouble getting a secure fit with other masks.

The Freedom Ceos Dive Mask features two interchangeable nose pieces that allow users to customize the fit of their mask. These are made from soft silicone rubber which makes them easier to wear.

Tusa Paragon Scuba Diving Mask

The Tusa Paragon Mask is a unique single lens mask offering a superior fit, excellent visibility and exceptional comfort. The Paragon features an extremely low volume design and a wide split strap for easy adjustment. A revolutionary patented weight integrated balanced diaphragm dry snorkel completes this ultimate gear package.

The lens is the highest quality tempered glass. A skirt edge made of high-quality silicone with a double feather edge seal which gives excellent fit, comfort, and water tightness. The single lens design offers considerably more field of vision than conventional masks without sacrificing strength or durability.

Tusa Mask: Paragon Diving Mask
Image: Amazon.com

The mask has a double feathered edge skirt for improved fit and comfort, making this one of the most comfortable masks on the market. The strap has an easy-adjust buckle system for quick and easy adjustment to suit most face shapes and sizes.

The new Tusa Paragon mask features a 3-D strap designed to help eliminate hair pulling. This professional-grade mask comes in black only. This scuba diving mask features Tusa’s patented Freedom Technology allowing for lightweight, low volume, and superior fit.

This mask is extremely popular with divers who love the large single lens design and increased field of vision. This model also comes equipped with a tempered glass lens as standard.

This model also has another variant called Tusa Paragon S.

Tusa Paragon S Mask

The Tusa Paragon S Mask is a low volume 2-window design, with a skirt that has been specially designed for comfort and fit.

The patented Freedom Technology frame has a one-piece curved design with no protruding parts to prevent injury. The frame is built from lightweight and durable polycarbonate, and the buckles are attached directly to the skirt for comfort and convenience.

Paragon S diving mask by Tusa
Image: Amazon.com

The Paragon S has been designed to provide the user with a wider field of vision than ever before, by using a new style of the lens that is ultra clear and gives unparalleled optical quality.

The single lens also makes it easier to equalize your mask as you dive, especially if you are wearing prescription lenses in your mask.

As a scuba diver, you will want the protection of a mask with superior lens clarity and a wide field of view wherever you go so that you can experience the wonders of the ocean without missing anything that is going on.

The Tusa Paragon Scuba Diving Mask is tempered glass for clarity and durability so that it will not get scratched underwater; it includes super soft rubber skirt to reduce leak points and maintain good fit as you get deeper; and it is silicone coated with double seal technology to equalize pressure when you descend under the surface.

Tusa Freedom HD Scuba Diving mask

It is designed for those who are always looking for the next big thing. This Mask from Tusa has a sleek, hydrodynamic low profile design that features Freedom Technology which incorporates a patented round edge skirt and frame structure that reduces the mask’s contact with the face to create an incredibly comfortable fit and greatly reduce facial pressure.

Freedom HD scuba mask
Image: Amazon.com

The buckle attachments are strategically positioned on the skirt to allow maximum adjustment and an even tighter fit, while the buckle tabs are placed close to the frame for added strength and durability.

It has a three-dimensional strap that evenly distributes pressure around your head and an easy-adjust buckle system that provides quick, effortless strap adjustments.

The Mask has a newly designed silicone strap that prevents hair pulling, is soft on your skin and resists twisting. A wide variety of strap colors are available to match your personal preference or other pieces of equipment like your snorkel or fins.

Conclusion: Our Verdict

If you are looking for a worthy scuba mask from Tusa, the Tusa Paragon S Scuba Mask is a great option because offers a wide field of vision and is made with tempered glass to provide durability. The silicone skirt ensures a comfortable fit, while the easy-adjust buckle system makes it simple to get the perfect fit. Plus, this mask comes in several different colors, so you can find the perfect one to match your style.

Hopefully, this Tusa scuba mask review has helped guide the decision-making process for your shopping.

About Tusa Brand

Tusa is the leading brand of diving masks in the world, with over 60% market share and sales in more than 70 countries. The company was founded in 1953 by Mr. Tsuyoshi Aoki, and since then, it has been a pioneer for innovation in the scuba diving industry. Its headquarter is in Japan and utilizes its own manufacturing facilities on-site to ensure strict quality control systems are met.

The product line includes masks, full foot fins, open heel fins, snorkel sets, full face masks, dry snorkels, regulators with gauges and computers, dive knives, and accessories. All dive masks come standard with Medical Silicone Skirt and Strap for superior comfort and fit.

All Tusa products are designed to offer the highest level of performance at an affordable price point. Our products have been tested by consumers worldwide and have earned their loyalty through exceptional quality standards that cannot be matched.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Scuba Masks Fog?

Your mask fogs because of the way water and air interact. When you go underwater, your mask is exposed to cold water. That is one of the main causes of fogging because cold water condenses on things more easily than warm or hot water does.
Another factor is that the air you exhale is always moist, which means a mix of air and water vapor. So when you put on your diving mask and breathe normally, some of that moisture ends up against the inside surface of your lens, and that causes it to fog up as well.

How to prevent a scuba mask from fogging?

When you are putting on your mask, don’t press it against your face too hard, this will force air into the mask and increase the risk of fogging.
Make sure you have a good seal around the edges of the mask. If there is water in your mask when you dive, it will cool down quickly, which can cause condensation to form on the inside of the glass (just like steam appears on the bathroom mirror).
Use a defogger if you can – most dive shops sell them. These are either liquid or gel products that you rub onto both sides of the glass before diving. They leave a thin anti-fog film that stops mist forming. They are not 100% effective but are well worth having in your kit bag

How to clean a new scuba mask?

The best way to clean or prevent a scuba mask from fogging is to use an anti-fog spray or you can also try a homemade solution by rubbing toothpaste inside the lens of your mask.

How to attach the snorkel to Tusa mask?

If you are using a mask with a strap that goes around the head, then you have to have an attachment point for the snorkel. If you don’t have a clip or ring on your mask, then you would need to buy one of those separately.