How old do you have to be to scuba dive?

How old do you have to be to scuba dive?

You can start learning to scuba dive at any age, as long as you’re healthy and meet the minimum requirements. If you’re under 18, your parents must sign a waiver for you to take the course. This guide will help you determine if you’re old enough to scuba dive and how your age affects your … Read more

Is scuba diving hard?

is scuba diving hard

Introduction Scuba diving is a fun and exciting way to explore the depths of the ocean. It’s also a great way to get exercise and spend time with friends or family. The question is: Is scuba diving hard? Well, yes and no. Scuba diving can be challenging if you’re not careful, but it really depends … Read more

Can I wear my apple watch in the ocean?

Can I wear my apple watch in the ocean?

Introduction Can I wear my apple watch in the ocean? Well, to be honest, Apple Watch is an excellent fitness tracker, but it’s also a great way to stay connected while you’re on the go. That’s why many people love taking their Apple Watch with them when they go swimming or surfing. It’s not only … Read more

Best Scuba Diving Masks

best scuba diving masks

Scuba diving is one of the most exhilarating activities in the world. It’s a chance to explore new places and see exotic marine life. Unfortunately, scuba diving masks can make or break your experience. A bad mask might cause leaks and water in your eyes isn’t fun! In this article, we’ll cover what to look … Read more

Can you put a wetsuit in the dryer?

Can you put a wetsuit in the dryer

Introduction Wetsuits are the best way to stay warm while still getting to enjoy all of the fun of swimming. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to take care of their wetsuit so it lasts as long as possible. This means you need to learn about how to clean and store your wetsuit properly if you … Read more

Can you sweat underwater?

Can you sweat underwater

Introduction As a scuba diver, you probably already know that it is important to stay hydrated while diving. But did you know that there’s a way to sweat underwater? Water absorbs heat from your body and cools you down. This is why when you’re in hot weather or in the water, your body gets sweaty … Read more

How to choose the right size scuba diving fins

choosing the right size scuba diving fins

Introduction Scuba diving fins are made to fit your foot. They should be snug but not tight, and they should fit comfortably in your shoe. The size of the fins is determined by measuring your heel-to-toe length, width (across the ball of your foot), and instep height (from top of toe to bottom of heel). … Read more

How To Learn Scuba Diving

How To Learn Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be an amazing experience, but it’s not something you should just jump into. You need to prepare your body and mind for what it will encounter under the water. Here are some tips on how to learn scuba diving: Check scuba health questionnaires before you start Before you start, check your health … Read more

11 Best places for scuba diving in Naples Florida

Scuba Diving in Naples Florida

The waters of Naples, Florida are some of the most beautiful on earth and the best for scuba diving. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean meet off the coast of Naples, creating a unique underwater ecosystem ideal for scuba diving. And while there are plenty of great places to get your feet wet … Read more