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ScubaPro G2 – Wrist Dive Computer

Scubapro G2 dive computer with the transmitter is a compact wrist-mounted dive computer that offers an option to add a wireless air integration capability. Add the transmitter and you will always know how much air you have in your tank. The transmitter comes with a high-pressure hose that it connects to and sends data wirelessly back to the g2 dive computer. This all-in-one package is designed for convenience as well as functionality, allowing you to always know your remaining air supply, without having to look at your console.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Key Features

Scubapro G2 dive computer review
  • Gases: 8
  • Gas Capability: Trimix, 21-100% Nitrox
  • ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG Algorithm
  • Gauge, Freediving, CCR, and Scuba Modes
  • 120 meters Depth
  • 485 MB Memory


  • It is easy to use.
  • The display is large and clear.
  • The buttons are easy to use, even when wearing gloves
  • It has a lot of features.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • The battery life could be better.
  • Available in only one color

ScubaPro G2 Review

I bought this Scubapro g2 dive computer from Amazon a year ago. I tested and used it for diving and swimming. The quality is good. It is really durable and can work well in water for a long time.

I also go diving with my friends every weekend. This watch can monitor the depth and time so that we can enjoy diving without worrying about running out of air.

Besides, it is easy to use. We just need to set the parameters and then we can use it directly to dive or swim. I think this watch is very suitable for diving, swimming, and snorkeling because of its durability and portability. However, it also has some cons, which are below.

Why I loved it?

It offers all the advantages of a modern wristwatch-style dive computer. And because it is equipped with Bluetooth technology, you can take advantage of optional wireless tank data transmission from up to four transmitters for ultimate convenience.

The air integration includes a transmitter that wirelessly sends tank pressure data to the computer. The information on remaining air time is displayed on a dedicated screen that also offers an alarm to warn when it is time to head for the surface based on your air consumption rate – even during decompression stops.

This wrist dive computer is ideal for the recreational diver who wants to add gas integration. With a sleek design and available in two colors, this is one of the best dive computers. It is also one of the most intuitive with new, easy-to-read dot matrix display, four operating modes (air, nitrox, gauge, and free diving), and a user-replaceable battery. And thanks to Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile device, it comes fully loaded with extras like wireless gas integration and download capability.


Below are the items that come along with the package:

  • G2 CPL
  • Retractor Loop Square
  • Protection Film G2 wrist
  • USB Cable G2
  • Instruction manual
  • sticker warning
  • Arm strap axle G2

Features of ScubaPro G2

It was built for divers by divers, with easy usability in mind. The display features a large easy-to-read font so that you can read your information at a glance. If you are looking for a compact dive computer with wireless air integration capabilities, look no further than the Scubapro g2 wrist dive computer with the transmitter. The price of this device is 939 USD and if you want to buy it with the transmitter, it will cost you 1249 USD

It is a high-quality dive computer that is both easy to use and reliable. It is perfect for beginner and experienced divers alike and offers a range of features that make driving more enjoyable and safe.

This watch has a large, bright screen that makes it easy to read underwater. It also features intuitive buttons that are easy to press even with thick gloves on. This makes it ideal for diving in cold weather conditions.


This dive computer is capable of tracking a wide range of data, including air time, depth, temperature, and ascent rate. It also has a safety timer that alerts you when you have been underwater for too long. This is a great feature for beginner divers who may not be familiar with how long they can safely stay underwater.

It is also equipped with a backlight that makes it easy to see in low-light conditions. This is important for night dives when it will become your only source of light.

Overall, the watch is an excellent dive computer that is sure to make your diving experiences safer and more enjoyable. It is easy to use and reliable and offers a range of features that are perfect for both beginner and experienced divers. So, if you are looking for a high-quality dive computer, this item should definitely be on your shortlist.

ScubaPro G2 Display

The Scubapro g2 wrist dive computer with the transmitter is a superb entry-level dive computer that packs many of the great features of the more expensive g2 and g2c into a compact and easy-to-use wristwatch-style console. The g2 allows you to choose between three operating modes: air, nitrox, and gauge (with run timer). It displays your current depth, dive time, tank pressure (with optional transmitter), water temperature, ascent rate, decompression status, and nitrogen loading. You can also set a conservative factor for added safety.

The g2 computer watch has an easy-to-read backlit display with large numbers for quick and clear viewing. Its intuitive menu system makes operation simple and its durable rubber bumper protects it from knocks. A user-replaceable battery means it can last for years!


It provides an overview of the design of the G2 ScubaPro wrist dive computer and is intended for people who want to understand how the product was developed and why it looks the way it does. The information contained in the document is not for public dissemination and must be kept confidential.

It was relatively large and heavy compared to other wrist computers with a battery life that was similar in duration. The combination of transmitter and receiver resulted in a product that was not very flexible in terms of upgrades in the future.

In order to produce a next-generation wrist dive computer with the transmitter, the company set the following goals:

Maintain all the features that have been well received by users, including air integration, multigas capability, etc. However, incorporate them into a smaller package with longer battery life. It also provides more flexibility for potential upgrades.


It is a durable, full-featured diving computer for any level of diver, including technical divers. It has all the important functions you expect from a dive computer, including Air Nitrox and Gauge modes. A digital compass, optional wireless air integration with gas switching up to 5 tanks, and a large segmented display make the G2 a great companion on your next dive.


Package Lenth x Width x Height‎5.51 x 5.51 x 3.5 in
Package Weight500 Grams
Item Lenth x Width x Height‎6 x 5.5 x 4 in
Item Weight‎1 Pound
Brand NameScubaPro
Warranty‎Two Year Warranty
Model Name‎G2 Wrist Dive Computer
Suggested UsersIt’s for all
Part Number‎05.080.101

Conclusion: Our Verdict

If you are looking for high-performance dive computers, you won’t be disappointed in what the ScubaPro G2 Dive Computer has to offer. The G2 offers a bright, high-resolution screen that is easy to navigate, a single-button interface, and a comfortably durable design. In addition, it also boasts a recreational dive planner with segmented profiles and intuitive menus.