Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask

ScubaPro is a well-known brand of diving equipment. They offer high-quality products that are affordable for every diver. One of their best-selling products is the Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask.

If you are looking for info on the Scubapro Crystal Vu, then you are in the right spot today. As always, I will provide you with information to assist you in your next purchase. I will also share my opinions on this product as well as any information I find on the web regarding it. In order to help others who are searching for an unbiased review of this mask, I believe it is important to consider things like quality, performance, features, and any pros and cons.

Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask Review

Key Features

  • Polycarbonate material
  • Comes with purge
  • Crystal silicon
  • Low volume design
  • Soft seal


  • The mask has a purge function which helps to clear your breathing passages of water and debris.
  • It is made from high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable to wear.
  • The mask has a wide range of adjustments to ensure that it fits comfortably on your face.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible product.
  • Lightweight and easy to wear, making it perfect for divers who need an unobtrusive Mask.


  • The mask can leak if not worn properly

ScubaPro Crystal Vu Review

The new Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask with Purge is the little sister to the Crystal Vu Mini mask, but it is still packed with all the same great features.

This mask is designed for comfort and ease of use, so you can focus on enjoying your dive in peace. It has an easy-to-use purge valve that makes clearing your mask easier than ever before, and a lens that can be removed and replaced easily when you need to change it out. The strap is also adjustable, so you can get a perfect fit every time.

The mask itself is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, so you will barely even notice it on your face during your dive. You will also get great visibility through its twin lenses, which are made from tempered glass for durability and clarity underwater, and they are coated with anti-fog technology so moisture will not build up inside the mask during your dive!

For those who are looking for an affordable alternative to more expensive masks on the market today, this is certainly worth checking out!

Build Quality

The mask is made of silicone, tempered glass and polypropylene. The silicone gives the mask a soft and flexible feel while the tempered glass adds reinforcement against impact and will not scratch or distort easily under normal use. Polycarbonate is used for the lenses which are tinted to protect your eyes from bright sunlight, as well as other hazards like debris in the water.

Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask’s Underwater Vision

The Scubapro Crystal Vu Mask provides you with a clear view underwater. It is certainly one of its most notable features, so it would be a shame to not include it in our review. First of all, visibility is excellent, you can see everything clearly, even when you are at depths of 100 feet or more. There is no fogging or distortion when looking through this mask either. In fact, the visibility on this mask is so good that it allows you to see better than if you were wearing nothing at all!

The field of vision provided by this mask is also excellent, allowing for an impressive 180-degree view (we measured it ourselves). This means that no matter where your head turns, there will always be something within sight range, and what is even better about this particular model from Scubapro? It comes with three different lenses: clear blue and yellow ones as well as an amber lens for darker environments such as caves or wrecks.(We recommend using these if possible.) You can also get prescription inserts through online retailers like Amazon.(All three lenses will come bundled together with your purchase.)

Comfort and Fit

The Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask is a one-size-fits-all mask, which means it is not intended to be adjusted for fit. This can be problematic if you have a large or small face, but in general, the design of this mask makes it pretty well-suited to most people. In particular, it is great for those with average-sized faces and small faces who prefer low volume masks (which are also known as “narrow” or “ultra” reduced breathing resistance).

The Crystal Vu Plus features an extra wide silicone skirt that gives you more headroom and comfort than many masks on the market today. The skirt itself is made of soft silicone that will not irritate your skin like some other materials do when worn against bare skin, it is also hypoallergenic!

This one-way valve maximizes airflow efficiency by only allowing fresh inhaled air into your mouth and exhaled carbon dioxide out without letting any water seep through from inside your mask into outer environments such as seawater or lakeside streams where possible contamination could result in sicknesses like ear infections due to bacteria being transferred between humans who then go swimming afterward without realizing what happened until too late when symptoms start showing up later down south.

Performance of Scubapro Crystal Vu Mask

The Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask is an affordable mask that provides users with an unparalleled experience.

The mask’s advanced design includes a wide field of view and a large tempered glass lens, which allows the user to see their surroundings better than any other mask on the market. The large lens also provides excellent visibility, even in low-light conditions.

The Crystal Vu Mask is equipped with a comfortable strap system that distributes the maximum amount of pressure over the face and head, making it one of the most comfortable masks available today. The straps are made from neoprene material and feature a quick-release mechanism for easy removal if necessary. The mask is also equipped with an easy-to-adjust head strap for secure fit customization.


It is available in the following colors:

Specs of Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask

Package Length x width x height‎8.3 x 4.2 x 4.2 in
Package Weight‎0.9 lbs
Item Length x width x height‎12 x 8 x 6 in
Item Weight‎1.1 lbs
Warranty Description‎1-year warranty
Model Name‎Crystal Vu Plus Dive Mask, w/Purge
Color‎Black, Blue, Red
Suggested UsersIt is for all
Part Number‎24.821.130
Included Components‎Mask
Plastic Storage Case
Size‎One Size

Conclusion: Our Verdict

It is easy to see why this mask has become so popular. It offers a great combination of features, with an excellent low volume fit and clear vision under water. If you want the best mask that Scubapro has to offer in their line up, then this is definitely a great mask to consider.
To conclude, the Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask review shows that this is a great mask for snorkeling and diving. It has a good view and is comfortable. However, it is the most comfortable mask to dive with due to its low volume design.