Aqualung Sphera X Scuba Mask Review

I am diving into the world of scuba diving as I search for a new mask. I know there are many masks out there, but I need something that will be comfortable and provide me with high-quality visibility in order to make it worth the money I’m spending. In this article, I will review the Aqualung Sphera X mask and dissect its features so that you can determine if it is worth your time.

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Aqualung Sphera X
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Aqualung Sphera X Review

Aqualung Sphera X scuba mask is a new design from the Aqualung team. The Aqua Lung team is constantly working on new and improved masks to meet the needs of divers. This mask is designed for those who want an open-face mask with good visibility. I was very excited to test this mask and report back on my findings.

It has an excellent fit, thanks to its adjustable fit system. This mask also has a great seal and offers good visibility, thanks to its wide-open face design. The only downside of this mask is that it can be a bit noisy when you are diving. Overall, I highly recommend the it for anyone looking for an excellent open-face mask with great visibility.

Key Features:

  • Attractive heavy-duty EVA box
  • Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) 
  • Adjustable buckle system
  • Panoramic vision
  • Curved Lens Technology

Build Quality of Aqualung Sphera X

The build quality of the Aqualung Sphera X Scuba Mask is excellent. The seams are tight and the mask feels solid in the hand. It also comes with a durable carry bag that makes it easy to take on trips. The straps are adjustable and comfortable, and the mask has a good seal around the nose and mouth.It is one of the most affordable masks on the market, making it a great option for budget-minded divers. Plus, its features make it a versatile choice for both recreational and professional divers.


The Aqualung Sphera is a high-performance mask that offers superior protection from the environment. The mask is made from a waterproof and breathable material that keeps your face cool and comfortable in hot weather. The mask has a wide field of view and an adjustable fit. It also has an integrated D-ring for attaching a dive light or other equipment. The Mask is the perfect choice for divers who want the best protection available.

What is a Sphera X scuba Mask?

It is a new style of diving mask that has been designed to improve your breathing. The mask is made from a plastic material that is flexible and fits snugly on your face. This mask comes with a curved silicone skirt that wraps around your nose and mouth, helping to reduce the amount of air that you need to breathe. The Sphera X also features an adjustable air flow system that allows you to optimize your breathing while underwater.

What makes this mask different from other masks?

Aqualung sphera mask is different from other masks because it has a “thoroughly wetted and heated” silicone face shield that is designed to provide excellent comfort and seal against water. The silicone also provides a snug fit, even with thick goggles or glasses. The mask also features a triple-layer skirt technology that helps to prevent fogging and leaks.

Why should you get a Sphera X Scuba Mask?

There are many reasons why you should consider getting it. First and foremost, the mask is designed to offer superior comfort and breathability. This means that you will not experience any unwanted heat or sweat build-up, which can cause discomfort and irritation. Additionally, the Sphera X Scuba Mask features an advanced air circulation system that ensures proper airflow and prevents your breathing apparatus from fogging up. Finally, the mask is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to water and air pollutants, so you can rest assured knowing that your dive will be safe and enjoyable.

How much does the Sphera mask Cost?

The AquaLung Sphera X mask retails for $75. It is made of durable silicone and fits most faces comfortably. A strap adjusts to fit any head size and the mask has a soft silicone skirt that prevents irritation. Ithas a 3 inch face plate with a large viewing area and comes with a one-year warranty.

Sphera X is the perfect scuba diving mask for divers who want the most visibility possible. The large viewing area makes it easy to see what’s ahead, while the soft silicone skirt prevents irritation. Additionally, the mask is adjustable to fit any head size, so you can be sure to get a perfect fit.

Should you buy a Sphera X scuba mask or other scuba masks on the market today?

When it comes to scuba diving masks, there are a variety of different options on the market today. Some of the more popular masks including this mask, which is often considered one of the best scuba diving masks on the market. However, other masks that may be worth considering include the Proshot Tidal Maks and Aquatic Atlantis Mask. So, which mask is right for you?

There are a few things to consider when making your decision. The first is price. Obviously, the more expensive a mask is, the better quality it likely will be. However, it’s not always necessary to spend a lot of money on a mask to get good performance. In fact, some budget-friendly options offer very good performance. So, it’s important to look at what features you need in a mask and what features you’re willing to sacrifice in order to save money.

Another factor to consider is how well a mask fits your face. Different masks fit different faces well and some people may find that a certain mask fits their face well even if it’s not the most expensive option. Another consideration is how easy the mask is to adjust.

How do I decide

What’s best for me? There are so many different types of masks out there, and each one offers a unique set of features. Which one should I buy?

When you’re looking to buy a new mask, it can be daunting. There are so many different types of masks out there, and each one offers a unique set of features. Which one should you buy? Aqualung Sphera is a great option for divers who want the best possible performance. This mask is designed for divers who need good visibility and air flow. The Sphera X Mask is also lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it easy to dive with.

Colors of Aqualung Sphera X

  • Black
  • Black/Sand
  • Clear/Glacier
  • Navy blue
  • White/Raspberry
  • White/Black
  • White/Tropic Yellow

Pros & Cons

  • It is a well-made mask that is comfortable to wear.
  • It has a large field of vision, which allows you to see more while diving.
  • The mask is also affordable.
  • Available is 7 different colors
  • Can leak if not worn properly
  • Only 1 size

Specs of Aqualung Sphera

Package Length x Width x Height‎10.04 x 5.98 x 4.25 in
Package Weight300 grams
Item Length x Width x Height‎7.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 in
Item Weight‎0.1 lbs
Brand Name‎Aqua Lung
Color‎Black, Black/Sand
Clear/Glacier, Navy blue
White/Tropic Yellow
Suggested UsersIt’s for all
Part Number‎MS4700101

Concluson: Our Verdict

The Aqualung Sphera X Scuba Mask is a great mask for those who are looking for an affordable, comfortable option. Its easy-to-adjust straps make it fit any size head and its low profile allows you to dive with ease. The mask also comes with a soft silicone skirt that keeps your face cool and comfortable. Overall, this mask is a great value for the price and would be a good choice for anyone looking for an affordable scuba diving mask.