OrcaTorch D Series Scuba Diving Flashlights

If you are looking for a great underwater torch or scuba diving lights that you can use for your next adventure, then this article is for you. We will be looking at a few of the top picks by Orcatorch D Series that we think are among the best in their category. The goal is to give you as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision on which light is right for your needs.

Here in this article, we will review the scuba diving lights by Orcatorch:

  1. Orcatorch D710
  2. Orcatorch D700
  3. Orcatorch D550 Dive Light
  4. Orcatorch D530
  5. Orcatorch D630

1. ORCATORCH D710 Scuba Diving Light

Scuba diving light orcatorch D710
Orchatorch D710

The Orcatorch D710 scuba diving light is a high-quality, powerful and reliable product. This is a wonderful addition to my scuba equipment. The underwater torch light works great for all of diving needs. The light is bright and the battery lasts for many hours. It has the ability you can use this light for all of the dives with plenty of battery power remaining.


  • Innovative design
  • High performance
  • Reliable quality.
  • Stainless steel bezel ring with high hardness and good toughness
  • It has titanium alloy push-buttons


The D710 torch is powered by one Li-ion battery, which provides a maximum output of 3000 lumens and a beam distance of up to 150 meters underwater and 260 meters on land. The light runtime can reach up to 7 hours and 40 minutes (when used in the moonlight mode).

With its innovative intelligent drive circuit, it has three output levels: 3000 lumens(Turbo), 1700 lumens(High) 800 Lumens(Medium) and 400 lumens(Low). In this case, you can select different lighting modes to meet your needs.

To give you the best experience underwater, it adopts a unique waterproof design with double O-rings on two sides of the switch. The main O-ring seals the connection between the head and body tube. The second one seals the connection between the switch and the body tube. Besides, all threads are treated with an anti-abrasive coating, so that they are waterproof and wear resistant.

Pros and Cons

Many divers have used this light during night dives and it works great in all types of water conditions. It provides enough light to see everything around me while I am diving at night. This has been a very good investment because it has allowed scuba divers to enjoy the underwater scenery while doing night dives.

The Orcatorch battery life is excellent, even when it is used in high power settings. The battery life on this product is longer than other lights that I have owned in the past. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good quality dive light that will last through many years of use.

Orcatorch D700 Scuba Dive Light

Scuba Light D700 orcatorch
D700 Orca Torch

Orcatorch D700 is a professional dive light with a powerful output of 1700 lumens. It is specially designed for underwater photographers and features an easy-to-use magnetic switch. The switch is made of high-quality components and boasts a lifespan of over 8000 operations.


  • Ultra-bright 1700 Lumen Dive Light
  • 6° beam angle
  • Mechanical Head Twist ON/OFF
  • Intelligent Over-Heat protection
  • Longer runtime 
  • 150m Underwater Waterproof


The light has only one operating mode of 1700 lumens. It is powered by two 21700 lithium batteries. With a compact size of 10cm in length and 2cm in diameter, it offers you the best grip underwater.

This night dive torch is capable of covering 150 meters inside the ocean which gives you a good experience to explore the underwater world.

It is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum which is used in 6061 T6 aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish. Its tempered glass lens has an anti-reflection coating to achieve high transmittance. This light also features a side switch that can be used to adjust brightness levels while in use (only available when the light

Pros & Cons

The Scuba Diving D700 light is equipped with a magnetic control system that allows the user to change between 5 modes (MAX, MID, MIN, SOS, STROBE) by simply pressing the power button to cycle through each mode. The fifth mode can be memorized by double-clicking the switch while the light is on. It also boasts an impressive 8000+ hours lifespan.

One thing you have to compromise is that it operates in only single light mode

Orcatorch D550 Light

Scuba Light Orcatorch D550

Orcatorch D550 dive light is a professional high power 1000 lumens light with wide beam angle. It is designed for underwater photography or videography, it can also be used in land.

It has aluminum alloy construction, anti-abrasive type III hard anodizing surface treatment, and is waterproof to 200 meters. The built-in cooling system allows the light to run continuously for 2 hours at full brightness without overheating and it can run for 5 hours and 45 mins at low settings. The lamp head can rotate 180° on the body to provide flexible lighting angles.


  • 1000 lumens
  • Long-lasting
  • Light and portable
  • Three modes: high, medium, and hidden strobe mode
  •  Underwater 150m depth rate


D550 is one of the models from Orcatorch D series flashlights, it has two modes the maximum is of 1000 lumens and another mode can be operated with 347 lumens. It range is 353 meters outside water and 150 meters underwater.

This comes with two buttons and one magnet ring. The two buttons are the power button and mode button respectively. With the magnet ring, you can easily switch between four different lighting modes, including max, mid, min, and SOS modes. It will memorize the last lighting mode when you turn it off and turn it on again.

It also includes a strap that you can wear on your wrist and fix the d550 torch in it.

Pros & Cons

The magnetic charging system makes charging very easy and convenient. When charging is finished, the red indicator turns blue automatically. In addition, D550 has a USB port for charging your mobile phone or another device.

The drawback of D550 torch is that it does not have a battery level indicator. So you have keep this thing in mind

Orcatorch D530 Scuba Diving Torch

D530 underwater light

Orcatorch D Series D530 is a professional 1300 lumens dive light that can be used for everyday diving, night diving, and underwater photography. It is also a good choice for those who do not want to buy additional accessories because there is no need for extra battery extension tube or battery canister. The D530 torch has a standard runtime of 1 hour and 25 minutes at 1300 lumens in high mode and 4 hours and 30 minutes in low mode at 380 lumens, enough for recreational divers to enjoy the diving time in a single dive without frequently replacing batteries or recharging the light between dives.


  • Easy to operate
  • 1300 lumens
  • Long-range spot beam
  • Reliable & convenience
  • Safety lock function
  • Compact & powerful


The D530 dive light is equipped with a built-in over-heating protection circuit, which ensures that the body temperature of the flashlight does not exceed 60°C after 20 minutes of use at high mode. This feature prevents the flashlight from overheating under extended period usage and creates a safe experience for divers.

It has a battery indicator, which helps you be informed about the battery levels during your dive. The green light shows that it has more than 70% remaining. Orange indicates that the remaining charging is between 30 to 70 percent. Red indicates battery below 30 percent and it starts flashing red light when it goes below 10%.

It is made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, making it corrosion resistant and impact resistant up to 1 meter underwater. The lampshade is made from toughened glass with AR coating, which provides excellent heat dissipation properties as well as anti-abrasion qualities.

Pros & Cons

This flashlight is equipped with special side lights for signal use or close-distance lighting, which provide two color options: red and blue. The unique battery replacement design prevents water from entering the light when replacing batteries or changing O-rings.

It is operated by two pushbuttons located on the head, which are easily accessible even when wearing thick gloves. The unique lock-out function protects against accidental operation in storage or transportation. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold even during long dives.

Orcatorch D630 Underwater Torch

Orcatorch D630
Orcatorch D630

It is a super bright, multi-purpose flashlight that combines three LED lights in one flashlight. It is powered by a lithium battery with a maximum output of 4000 lumens. The light source adopts the latest 5 CREE LED, which features great color rendering and excellent heat dissipation. It has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

The flashlight adopts an advanced digital circuit design and temperature control technology, which can monitor the working state of the flashlight in real-time and automatically adjust the brightness to protect the LED and electronic components.


  • 4000 Lumen output
  • 5 hours runtime
  • 90° rotary lockable switch
  • Three lighting modes
  • Support backmount & sidemount diving
  • Reliable & Convenience


The Orcatorch D630 comes with a stainless steel retaining ring on the head, which enables you to screw the light onto camera tray for photography. The package comes with an adapter for installation on GoPro camera tray.

Its range is up to 515 meters at land and it can give you 5 hours of runtime with the maximum settings.

The pre-installed battery pack can be easily taken out from the handle, which makes it convenient to replace the battery pack. Using two Orca OR-DG3 Battery Pods (optional accessory), you can easily turn your one battery pack into two ones to allow double burn times. This flashlight from Orcatorch D Series can be charged separately via the Micro USB port on it.

The spotlight can be used for lighting or searchlight; the red light is camping or night reading; the white floodlight is used for camping or disaster relief; all three modes can be used. The light distribution is highly consistent and free from glare, which effectively provides a wide range of illumination areas and long-range distances.

About Orcatorch Brand

The best scuba diving lights are made by Orcatorch, a company with a rather unfortunate name. The company’s slogan is “Welcome to the world of Orcatorch.” The company’s logo is a squid that is sort of like the squid in Jurassic Park, but it looks more like a plastic sandwich bag with arms and legs and beady little eyes.

Orcatorch may seem like an odd choice for scuba diving lights or at least, it does to me. I happen to know that some people think squid is gross, but I don’t know anyone who thinks squid are ugly. Even worse, I know lots of people who think squid is cool, and I know lots of people who have no idea what it stands for even if they have seen one of its lights.

But there are two things that make Orcatorch attractive to scuba divers: first, it is not really gross or ugly. It is just kind of weird-looking. If we go back to our definition of beauty as “grossness+ugliness” then Orcatorch is not beautiful at all; it is merely not gross or ugly enough to be repulsive. Second, Orcatorch makes scuba diving lights that are pretty good.

Why use Orcatorch Scuba Diving Light

A scuba diver typically carries at least one light source, usually in addition to the main lamp on their dive light, as a backup.

Depending on the type and quality of the light, it may be used for general illumination, to penetrate the water ahead of the diver to look for hazards or other divers, as a signaling device, or to see small animals and plants.


Buying a scuba diving light is a very personal decision. Unlike most accessories, there are a lot of factors that come into play when trying to figure out which one will be best for your individual needs. The two main things you should consider are the size and type of batteries. Our recommended dive light is Orcatorch D710 because of its comparatively reasonable price with guaranteed performance during every condition.