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Ocean Reef’s full face mask can be used to view the underwater world in a clear and comfortable manner. In addition, they provide an air space that serves to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. Masks are one of three pieces of personal equipment (along with a regulator and fins) that must be considered absolutely essential for any diver’s safety and comfort.

Ocean Reef has cool and best scuba diving masks which we are going to review below:

  1. Ocean Reef Predator Extender IDM Full Face Scuba Mask
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  2. Unisex Space Extender Integrated Full Face Diving Mask
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  3. Ocean Reef Aria Snorkel Mask
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1. Ocean Reef Predator Extender

Best Pick

The Ocean Reef predator mask is a product designed by Ocean Reef, which takes inspiration from the DCS mask.

The peculiar design of this predator mask allows the use of both a traditional regulator and with an underwater communication system (IDM), that can be attached to the mask thanks to a special adapter that comes in the package.

Ocean Reef  Predator Extender Full Face Mask

The Ocean Reef predator mask is made of silicone, resistant to UV rays, and free of toxic substances. The glass is tempered and anti-fog-treated. It has two buttons on each side to fix it properly to the head and it can be used both with short and long hair. A new air circulation system reduces the condensation effect on the inner surface of the glass ensuring a clear vision during your dive!

Features of Ocean Reef Predator Extender Mask

This Predator Extender Mask is equipped with a special headband, adjustable at the back, and suitable for all sizes!

Ocean Reef Predator Scuba Mask also features an easy snap-on & off-mouth piece that is easy to remove with one hand and it is equipped with a safety lock-out switch that prevents accidental transmissions. It has a two way 180° upward field of vision so there is no need to tilt your head back and push water into the mask during descent. The comfort of a full face mask with the functionality of an open circuit half mask!

Review about Ocean Reef Predator Extender Mask

This is the best ocean reef scuba mask I have ever used.

The field of view is amazing. It is like looking out of a window. I do not know why anyone would want one with a smaller field of view unless it was because they did not want to spend the money on this one. The lens are thick and clear, no distortion at all. The nose pocket allows easy equalization without having to pinch you nose or hold your breath. The mask is comfortable around my face (I have an average size male head) and does not leak even though the skirt feels a little thin.

The mask does not fog up and stays clear. I usually put some spit on the inside of the lens before each dive but I have used it without doing so and still had no fogging problems. When it did fog, which was rare, it cleared quickly when I exhaled through my nose while holding the mask underwater.

I am able to wear glasses with it but they do look kind of funny over the lenses of the mask. They work OK but sometimes fall off if you are in rough water or doing a lot of swimming or adjusting your gear but this is really no different than any other full face mask that I have used with glasses in it.

2. Ocean Reef Space Extender Mask

Staff Pick

Ocean Reef Space Extender Mask is made for divers who desire a more compact mask for travel or for those who do not like the “goggles” look.

The space extender design by Ocean Reef allows the mask to fit perfectly on any facial structure, creating an airtight seal that is unparalleled in comfort. The skirt is made from a soft and durable transparent silicone material, which molds to the shape of your face when worn.

The skirt attaches directly to the frame, rather than to a lens, which creates a large tear drops shaped lens that provides an exceptionally wide field of view. The lenses are tempered glass, making them durable and scratch-resistant.

Features of Ocean Reef Space Extender Mask

The Ocean Reef Space Extender has an integrated low-volume design, which makes clearing water from the mask easy and swimming through a breeze. The easy-adjust buckles are attached directly to the skirt and can be easily adjusted while wearing gloves and without having to reach behind your head.

The Space Extender mask has been the most innovative, successful, and popular mask development in the last few years. It is a high-volume mask featuring an exclusive easy-to-use and safe easy buckling system. It comes with a high-quality and comfortable silicone skirt designed to fit all face shapes. With its “push-button” buckle system, the diving mask skirt is easily adjusted to any facial profile.

OCEAN REEF Space Extender Mask

Ocean Reef Space Extender Review

This ocean reef scuba mask is a great mask for the diver who wants the best of both worlds. It offers the same comfort, fit, and performance as the full face mask, but with a smaller profile. Most importantly, this unique mask allows divers to breathe through their nose or mouth, which is not possible with any other full-face mask. If you want to make your experience with this mask then you can take a scuba diving torch with you.

The Space Extender is extremely easy to use. The diver has complete control over airflow as well as the amount of air going into the second stage and dry snorkel at all times. The same features that make this such an easy-to-use mask make it an easy-to-use side mount regulator system.

The Ocean Reef Extender mask’s frame is made from polycarbonate and features a clear polycarbonate lens. This allows for maximum visibility and durability. Because of its smaller size, the Space Extender can easily be used on rebreathers and CCRs.

The mask comes in one size that fits most divers and includes a box for storage and transportation.

3. Ocean Reef Aria Mask

Budget Pick

Ocean Reef Aria is a unique full-face snorkeling mask, featuring a system that allows natural breathing through the nose or mouth. The innovative design of the Aria mask has been made possible by the use of modern materials and cutting-edge technologies. The technologies like those used in the medical field.

This allows for the creation of a hypoallergenic mask that uses a soft silicone skirt instead of traditional rubber. Aria snorkel mask is designed to be exceptionally comfortable and ergonomic, even for those with facial hair.

Features of Ocean reef aria qr+ full face snorkeling mask

The dry top snorkel prevents water from entering the snorkel, so there is no need to hold your breath when you jump into the water. It also features a purge valve for easy clearing of any water that does enter the tube. The snorkel can be easily detached from the mask for storage and transport.


Ocean reef aria mask comes in 3 colors (blue, red and yellow) and 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL). We recommend measuring your face with a tape measure or ruler to make sure you get the right size. You can find instructions on how to do this on the sizing page or on amazon.

How to remove snorkel from ocean reef aria mask

To remove the snorkel from the ocean reef aria mask, you first have to remove the mask. The mask straps are connected to two plastic pieces at the top of each side of the mask. Grab both sides and pull back toward your body to separate them from the plastic piece. Then slide the mask back and off your head. Once you’ve removed the mask, grab the snorkel by the bottom and pull it out of the mouthpiece.

Ocean Reef Aria full-face snorkel mask review

I have used this Ocean Reef snorkel mask for about 25 dives and I have no regrets about buying it. The fit is excellent, the visibility is great, and there are very few leaks.

The fit is a lot better than other masks I have used in the past that required substantial amounts of silicon on the nose area to seal around your face. This mask has been able to keep a strong seal with zero silicon added during my dives to date.

The visibility is fantastic and unlike those of masks that have a distortion in the lenses due to it being bent, this mask gives you a clear view of the environment. I do not know what material they use in making the lens but it does not distort vision at all.

This snorkel mask can be used with both regular scuba regulators as well as rebreathers bailing systems (my main reason for buying this mask). While I would prefer to use a full-face snorkel mask, this mask’s ability to connect with rebreather bailout systems. This definitely increased my confidence level when using it with rebreathers. The hose connection on this mask is located on the left side which is opposite from where I am used to (the right side). But I got accustomed to its location after a few dives without any problem.

Conclusion: Our Verdict

If your main priority is budget, the Ocean Reef Aria Snorkel Mask offers the lowest price out of all these full-face scuba masks. It has a few of the same features as its more expensive counterparts, like the speakers and a two-year warranty. However, unlike the Ocean Reef Predator Extender Full Face Mask, you are limited in terms of underwater communication unless you go with snorkel. If you’re looking for extreme comfort, it’s hard to beat the Ocean Reef Predator Full Face Scuba Mask. The silicon skirt is amazing and will fit any face shape or size beautifully. If you’re worried about comfort but want a killer voice changer and night vision, then check out the Ocean Reef Space Extender Full Face Diving Mask.