ScubaPro G2 – Wrist Dive Computer

scubapro g2 review

Scubapro G2 dive computer with the transmitter is a compact wrist-mounted dive computer that offers an option to add a wireless air integration capability. Add the transmitter and you will always know how much air you have in your tank. The transmitter comes with a high-pressure hose that it connects to and sends data wirelessly … Read more

Underwater GPS for Scuba Divers

acr 400 underwater gps

Underwater GPS for scuba divers has become an increasingly popular tool in the diving community. Contrary to what some people believe, underwater GPS devices are not just for spearfishing; they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as navigating and mapping dive sites, taking underwater photos and videos, and even tracking your dive … Read more

Is it Worth Buying Hevto Wetsuit?

hevto wetsuits

Hevto Wetsuits are waterproof suits that can dry quickly and protect you from various injuries. It is made of high-quality material that can be used for many years. Hevto wetsuits are perfect for all types of water sports. It protects you from coral reefs, jellyfish, rocks, and other ocean dangers. This might be the best … Read more

How Does Scuba Mask Work?

how scuba mask works

Scuba diving is a fun activity that lets you explore the depths of the ocean as you take in its beautiful sights. Have you ever wondered how scuba mask works? How do they let you breathe underwater while keeping water out of your nose and mouth? When you’re on land, the pressure is equal inside … Read more

Top Tusa Masks

Tusa Masks

A snorkeling trip is one of the most enjoyable and active forms of vacation for divers, swimmers, and water lovers of all kinds. It is important to be aware that not just any piece of equipment will do when planning a trip where safety and comfort are crucial. If you are not familiar with Tusa … Read more

Ocean Reef Full Face Masks

ocean reef full face masks

Top Products: Best Pick 1. Ocean Reef Predator Extender Staff Pick 2. Ocean Reef Space Extender Mask Budget Pick 3. Ocean Reef Aria Mask Ocean Reef’s full face mask can be used to view the underwater world in a clear and comfortable manner. In addition, they provide an air space that serves to correct nearsightedness … Read more