Sofirn SD05 Scuba Flashlight

Sofirn SD05 Scuba Flashlight is a powerful dive light that can be used in deep water. It is a compact light with great battery life and beam pattern.

This scuba dive torch can be used underwater to up to 100 meters (328 feet). It comes with a battery, which means more power than other flashlights on the market today. It has an output of 3000 lumens, which makes it one of the best diving lights available today!

Sofirn SD05 Light
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  • The SD05 Sofirn light is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and is ideal for use during scuba diving, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Please ensure that the insulating paper is removed and both ends are fully screwed in before use.
  • The light is turned on and off by rotating the magnetic ring, and the brightness can be selected from low to high.
  • This flashlight is powered by a single rechargeable battery and features an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy case and a hard-anodized finish.
  • The diving underwater flashlight produces a maximum of 3000 lumens, with a beam distance of up to 100 meters.

Sofirn SD05 Flashlight Review

The Sofirn SD05 torch is a fantastic little flashlight that will get the job done in any situation.

It’s an extremely versatile product that can be used as a camping light, car light, or even as a keychain. It’s water resistant and can handle being dropped on the ground by accident.

Adjustable strap of SD05 light

This scuba diving torch comes with thee different modes: high, medium and low. The modes are easy to switch between by rotating the gear once for each mode you want to change to. The high setting has a maximum output of 3000 lumens while the low setting has a maximum output of 320 lumens.

The beam distance of SD05 Sofirn is 270 meters on high and 86 meters on low. The light can also be locked into place so it doesn’t accidentally turn on while carrying it around in your pocket or bag which could waste battery life if left turned on too long.

The flashlight comes with 1 battery which is rechargeable via a USB port located at the bottom side of the unit where the battery compartment door opens up easily access the battery compartment without having to pull out any screws first and then insert new batteries inside before closing up again.

diving flashlight sofirm

Construction of SD05 Flashlight

The Sofirn SD05 Scuba Diving Flashlight is constructed from aluminum with a black anodized finish. This torch is waterproof to IPX-8 standard and features a tail stand capability, which allows it to stand upright on a flat surface (a useful feature if you’re using it in your tent while camping). The torch also has a momentary on the button that allows you to turn the light on without fully pressing down on it. This is great for quickly lighting up something in the dark when you need both hands free!

modes of sofirn sd05 flashlight

It comes with reverse polarity protection so you don’t accidentally damage your battery by plugging it the wrong way around or by using an incorrect charger adapter. You can see our review of Odepro Dive flashlights.

User Interface and Operation

The Sofirn SD05 underwater torch is a single magnetic rotatory gear flashlight with 3 modes. You can turn the light on and off by rotating the switch at any time. To cycle through modes, rotate until you reach the desired mode of your choice, then release to stay on that mode.

rotating gear

There are no strobes or memory slots available in this model, so if you want to cycle through modes quickly (from high > low), it’s best to do so through momentary usage of the switch instead of holding it down for more than two seconds at a time.


After an exhaustive search for the best diving flashlight, we came across the underwater torch Sofirn SD05. After taking it for a dive, we were impressed with its durability and brightness. This dive light is well-known for its ability to survive underwater without any issues. The compact design also makes it easy to store or carry around in your pocket while you’re diving.

SD05 Sofirn Battery and Charging

The Sofirn torch comes with a battery that can be charged through a micro-USB cable. This means you can charge the light directly from your computer or laptop, or you can use a USB power bank to charge it on the go. You can even charge it with solar panels, or hand cranks if you’re really desperate for light in your life. The maximum run time with low mode is 8.5 hours and the minimum runtime with the high mode is 1.5 hours

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Although it is nice to have options for charging this flashlight, I have found that I tend to just use my car charger as it’s easier than messing around with cables and adapters while I’m driving around town trying not to get lost!

Performance and Output of SD05 Scuba Light

The Underwater Sofirn SD05 Dive torch performs well in a variety of scenarios. The output is good, with a smooth and consistent beam. The light is not too wide or narrow, and it’s comfortable to use in most situations. The light also has a floody quality that makes it easy to see objects around you without making them hard to look at directly.

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The beam isn’t too hot or cold, meaning you won’t get burned if you accidentally shine the flashlight on yourself for too long (but if you do happen to shine it on yourself for too long, don’t touch/rub your eyes until they stop watering).

Finally, the output of this underwater torch is neither dim nor bright; instead, it sits comfortably between these two extremes so as not to distract from what we’re supposed to be doing: diving!

Cons & Drawbacks

  • It only comes in one color and one size
  • No extra battery comes with the package
  • It does not have SOS light option


Package‎6.69 x 2.64 x 2.52
Package Weight300 grams
Item ‎4.69 x 1.48 x 1.48
Flashlight Weight‎0.3 pounds (120 g)
Brand ‎Sofirn
Material‎Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Part Number‎AMZN-770001

Sofirn SD05 Packaging and Accessories

It comes with a scuba diving flashlight, lanyard, charger, battery and manual. The lanyard is a nice addition for those who prefer to be hands-free during their dives. While it might not be the most stylish way of carrying your underwater torch you can rest assured that it will keep your light close by at all times.

megnatic ring
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The holster provides an additional place to store your dive torch when not in use or while diving so that you don’t end up dropping it into the water by mistake. It also doubles as a great way to carry it around with you on land if desired, just don’t forget to take it off before entering the water!

The spare o-rings are there just in case something goes wrong with any of the ones already installed on your SD05 dive light (these are common occurrences). The switches, buttons and head covers have different functions but ultimately provide extra protection against dirt intrusion into areas where these components reside within this particular model

Conclusion: Our Verdict

This flashlight is a capable light for diving, outdoors, or everyday carry. In fact, it’s one of the best values in dive lights we’ve seen.

The Sofirn SD05 Scuba Diving Flashlight is a solid choice for anyone looking for a diving torch, and it may be the best option currently available. Its brightness is absolutely stunning and the ability to rotate its head 90 degrees in either direction makes it easy to navigate tricky areas or hold when necessary. The light also works great on land. It is as bright as you would need and it illuminates well for a variety of uses and gives off a noticeable amount of light despite its small size.