ScubaPro Spectra Mask

The ScubaPro Spectra Mask is a dive mask that has been designed by a company named ScubaPro. It is a company from which all the scuba diving equipment can be bought.

The lens of this mask is tempered so that it does not break even if it hits something hard or there is a sudden impact on it.

It has been designed for recreational and professional divers. It is made of high-quality material, and it gives an awesome fit to all types of faces, whether small or large, fat or thin.

This low volume 2 mask is lightweight and comfortable to use, and its customer reviews are usually positive.

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ScubaPro Spectra Low Volume 2 Review

scubapro spectra mask

The ScubaPro Spectra Mask is marketed as an affordable, high-quality mask for snorkeling and scuba diving. It’s a lightweight, single-lens mask that’s meant to be comfortable and easy to use with a wide field of view. It comes in three colors: black, blue or clear—the latter being the one I chose. I purchased it from Amazon for $123 (included in my order were two sets of replacement buckles, which was a nice bonus).

When I first received it, I immediately tried it on and did some test breathing. I was very pleased with how easily I could breathe through it; there didn’t seem to be any resistance at all. I fiddled around with the mask a bit, trying to make it fog up by exhaling directly into the lens; however, this proved difficult because of how well the mask fits around my face. After about a minute, I finally managed to get some fogging going; however, as soon as I pulled the mask away from my face, the fog cleared up almost instantly. The one thing that worried me was that the silicone strap seemed too loose when tightened all the way, but after using it in water, I realize this can be ignored.

The Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask was really comfortable. You can tell that there are a lot of people involved in designing something like this because you can feel how much effort went into making it fit your face properly. It doesn’t pinch anywhere, and since it’s made from silicone which is soft, it feels good against your skin especially if you have those masks that are made from plastic or rubber; they feel kind of uncomfortable sometimes.

Features of ScubaPro Spectra Dive Mask

It is an ultra-low-volume mask that utilizes a crystal silicone skirt, which has been treated with an anti-fog coating. The mask is designed to provide excellent fit and a wide field of vision.

The mask features a single lens design and comes in six colors, including clear, black, blue, yellow, pink and silver. The mask’s frame is made from high-quality polycarbonate, which is extremely durable in addition to being lightweight. The Spectra’s frame also features quick-release buckles that are easy to adjust.

Black Bronze/Bronze Mirrored Lens scubapro spectra mask

A major advantage of the mask is its low volume design. The mask sits extremely close to the face, so that only a very small amount of air must be vented out during equalization. This Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask makes the mask much easier to clear when compared to masks with higher volumes.

Its crystal silicone skirt is extremely comfortable and forms a perfect seal on most face types. Users have commented that the mask’s skirt has an almost skin-like softness and feel. The silicone used in the skirt gives the mask excellent flexibility, so that it conforms well to faces of all shapes and sizes.

It is an essential part of your scuba diving gear. It protects you from the water and allows you to see under the water. The Mask’s features make it a good choice for any diver. The features include being low volume, having tempered glass, low profile and easy to clear.

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Design of ScubaPro Spectra Low Volume 2 Scuba Diving Mak

The Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask is a high-end piece of equipment that can be used for both scuba diving and snorkeling. The mask is constructed from high-quality materials. It features a single tempered glass lens in the front that offers excellent visibility in all directions. I also have a pair of built-in side windows to give you an even wider view of your surroundings. The mask has a hypoallergenic silicone skirt that is designed to fit snugly against your face and seal out water, while still being comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

scubapro spectra mask in black color

This diving mask is designed with an integrated purge valve on the bottom of the skirt to allow for easy clearing of the water from inside the mask. This makes it much easier to clear the mask in the event that it floods with water, since you don’t have to put your hand over the top of it and pinch down or exhale forcefully through your nose. Instead, you simply need to press down on the purge valve with your tongue, which will force water out of the top of the mask while letting air flow into it from below.

ScubaPro Spectria’s Material

ScubaPro Spectra Dive Mask is made from a dual-silicone material. The frame and skirt are made from firm, opaque silicone, which has the best durability available for underwater gear. The nose pocket is made of a softer, clear silicone to make it more comfortable when you press down on it to equalize your ears. A mask’s skirt is what makes an airtight seal around your face, and a proper fit is essential. The Spectra Mask’s skirt features a double feathered edge that conforms to the shape of your face, so you won’t have to struggle to get a tight seal.

Its lens is made of tempered glass which is strong and scratch-resistant. According to Divers Supply’s website, the glass is also shatterproof, so if it does break underwater it will not break into pieces that could injure you and will not obstruct your vision.

Benefits of using Spectra Mask

The Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Mask is great for diving because it enhances your field of vision. The mask provides a wide field of view, which is important for diving, because you want to be able to see everything that’s going on around you at all times. It also has colored lenses that enhance the color contrast in the water. This is important because color contrast can help you notice things in the water that you might miss.

It has other features that make it a good choice for diving. It has a soft silicone skirt, which means it fits well and provides a comfortable seal. The mask also has easy-to-adjust buckles and swivel buckles that make it easy to make adjustments while wearing it. In addition to these features, it comes with a carrying case and anti-fog solution.


Spectra is a snorkeling and scuba diving mask that has a unique design. The lens is made of tempered glass and the frame is constructed using polycarbonate material. The frame of the mask is integrated with a swiveling buckle system that makes it easy to wear. There are several drawbacks to this mask, however, that you should be aware of before purchasing one.

spectra mask white and blue

The design of the ScubaPro Spectra does not allow for many options in terms of color selection. Although there are several colors available, they may not suit everyone’s personal taste. Furthermore, the mask will not fit perfectly on all faces because it was not designed to do so. There are also no prescription options available for those who need corrective lenses while snorkeling or scuba diving.


The ScubaPro Spectra Mask is an excellent choice for novice snorkelers or divers. The soft silicone provides a comfortable fit and the low-volume lens sits close to the face for unobstructed vision. For those who wear glasses, you can insert your prescription lenses into the mask before use. The Spectra Mask is also compact enough to carry in your luggage.