Can I wear my apple watch in the ocean?

Can I wear my apple watch in the ocean?


Can I wear my apple watch in the ocean? Well, to be honest, Apple Watch is an excellent fitness tracker, but it’s also a great way to stay connected while you’re on the go. That’s why many people love taking their Apple Watch with them when they go swimming or surfing. It’s not only fun and convenient but can be super beneficial if you want to track your heart rate while exercising or monitor your workouts in real-time. However, there are some things that you need to be aware of before heading into the water with your new smartwatch. If you want my advice (and who doesn’t?), check out these tips on how to use your Apple Watch in the ocean while scuba diving:

Apple Watch Series 2 and newer models are water resistant.

  • You can wear Apple Watch Series 2 and newer models in the water for diving.
  • These watches are water resistant up to 50 meters, which means they’ll survive a shower or shallow dive.
  • Depending on your watch model, you’ll see a Water Resistant splash screen when you go swimming with it on. This means that the device is safe for shallow swimming and other water sports like surfing, SUPing (stand-up paddleboarding), kayaking, rowing or sailing.
  • To test if your Apple Watch is waterproof: Open the Settings app on your iPhone > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Screen Curtain (or Computer Vision). Then turn off both the Show Splash Screen option and Show Haptic Feedback options. This will disable both visual and haptic feedback while wearing your watch underwater—you should still be able to use it normally as long as all its functions work properly!

How water-resistant is your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Series 2 and newer models are water resistant during dive.

What’s more, Apple claims that you can swim with your watch (in fact, it even has a new feature called “swim tracking” that lets you track your swims). But there’s a catch: You have to lock the screen before getting started in the pool or ocean.

How water resistant is your Apple Watch? If you’re not sure about whether yours qualifies as waterproof or just splashproof, here’s how to find out:

Water Lock is an option on all models of Apple Watch that makes it safer for underwater use by activating features such as disabling touch input to prevent accidental presses while swimming or diving. To turn this feature on or off, open Settings > General > Activate Water Lock > On/Off (or press and hold Side Button).

Water Lock

Water Lock is a feature that allows you to use your Apple Watch while it’s in the water for scuba diving. You can use the Digital Crown and side button to adjust the time, change the face and more while it’s in the water.

This feature can be enabled by going into Settings > General > Activate Water Lock. After this, your Apple Watch will detect when it is submerged in water and lock up all its sensors so nothing gets damaged. While Water Lock is on, you won’t be able to track your heart rate or get notifications on your wrist since those features rely on sensors located inside of your watch case, but if you’re just swimming laps at a pool or beach, then there’s no reason why this wouldn’t work perfectly fine!

Blot the water out of your speaker holes

Before you go into the water, you’ll want to make sure your speaker holes are clear. Here’s how:

  • Turn off your Apple Watch.
  • Turn it over and blot the speaker holes with a soft cloth. Don’t use paper towels or a hair dryer; they can damage your watch! And definitely don’t use a vacuum cleaner, since that will suck up all of your internal components (and possibly cause other damage).

Dry off your watch

If you decide to wear your watch in the ocean or while scuba diving, you should dry it off before using it. This can be done by using a towel or a hair dryer. Do not use heat sources such as microwaves or ovens to dry your watch; this may damage the battery and other components of your watch. Also do not use vacuums to clean your Apple Watch because they have small parts that could break off and become lodged inside one of its holes. You also don’t want these small pieces getting into any of the holes because then they would be very difficult (or impossible) to remove with tweezers or another tool designed for such purposes.

Apple Watch can be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean.

Apple Watch can be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean.

You’ll need a swimproof band to go any further than that, which is what Apple calls its water-resistant watches that can handle up to 50 meters deep. Swimming with an Apple Watch is convenient, you don’t need to carry your phone around with you and the activity data syncs to the Health app automatically when you’re done.

Apple Watch is not waterproof, however

Apple Watch is not waterproof, however. It’s actually water resistant up to a certain depth:

  • Apple Watch Series 2 and later models are rated at 50 meters of submersion in freshwater and rain (but not salt water). The first-generation Apple Watch is designed to withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • The second-generation model is also certified as being splashproof, meaning it should be able to handle rain, snow, sweat and other casual exposures to moisture; this does not apply if you submerge it underwater or expose the speaker port, microphone openings or Lightning port to liquids other than fresh water or rain.

Yes, as long as you have an Apple watch series 2 or newer model

If your Apple Watch is a Series 2 or newer model, then you’re all set. The Apple Watch Series 2 and later models are water resistant up to 50 meters—but even if yours isn’t, it should still be fine in the ocean. Just make sure to close the cover before you go in the water and keep it away from extreme depths (like diving).

If your watch gets wet anyway, you can use an app like Water Lock to keep waterproof instruments safe. Water Lock is designed specifically for swimmers with an iPhone 5s or later; once activated, it prevents moisture from seeping through speakers and microphones while maintaining full functionality of touch operations on both sides of the phone screen.

To remove any excess moisture after swimming with your watch, simply press down on its crown button while holding down Home until both sides begin blinking red; this process will take just over 10 seconds so don’t worry if nothing seems happening right away! To dry off around these areas make sure not just blot dry but also pat dry—too much rubbing may damage sensitive components inside.”

Conclusion: can i wear my apple watch in the ocean?

You can wear your Apple Watch in the ocean, but it’s not waterproof. The water-resistant feature allows you to use your watch in shallow waters like pools and oceans without having to worry about damaging it. You just need to dry off any moisture that gets into the speaker holes before using it again.