Where To Stay In Belize For Diving?

Belize is a country on the Caribbean coast of Central America, bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south and west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Belize’s climate is tropical but tempered by trade winds. There are many coral reefs in Belize which makes it a great place to scuba dive in the world or snorkel. To make your trip more memorable, you must do preparation before leaving for the trip.

where to stay in belize for diving?

1. Cayo Espanto

If you’re looking to stay on a private island, Cayo Espanto is a great choice. Located off the coast of Belize, this 55-acre island has three miles of pristine beaches and seven miles of coral reefs. It’s also home to more than 60 species of birds, including pelicans and ospreys.

If you’re in search of a place where you can dive or snorkel at your leisure, then this is your destination! The island has three different beaches: one facing south with calm waters ideal for snorkeling; another facing east with more waves but still good weather conditions; and finally, one facing north with white sand beaches that are perfect for swimming or lounging under an umbrella while enjoying some fresh coconuts from the nearby trees. You may even see dolphins jumping out from time to time!

2. Ara Macao

For some diving in the Caribbean, check out Ara Macao. Located on the Northern coast of Belize, this area is known for its abundance of sea life as well as its scenic beauty. The coral reefs are home to a variety of fish and other sea creatures.

If you’re looking for a more remote location to dive, look no further than Placencia. Located along the south end of Belize’s Mosquito Coast, Placencia offers miles upon miles of pristine beaches and amazing opportunities for scuba diving in crystal clear waters teeming with marine life.

3. Victoria House

If you’re looking for a luxury boutique hotel with great diving, Victoria House is the place for you. Located on Ambergris Caye, this small hotel boasts 8 rooms and an intimate atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. If it’s true luxury that you seek while staying in Belize, look no further than Victoria House!

The hotel offers amenities such as:

  • A private beach with white sand and pristine water;
  • A pool;
  • A spa offering massages, facials, manicures/pedicures and more;
  • Diving excursions every day;
  • Their own restaurant which serves gourmet cuisine (and has great happy hour specials!).

4. Chabil Mar

Chabil Mar is a great place to stay for divers and snorkelers alike. It’s a luxury resort that offers great diving, as well as other fun activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and hiking. For families with children there is plenty of fun to be had on land or sea.

For those looking for a more relaxing vacation, Chabil Mar offers all the amenities you could need at your fingertips—from an onsite spa to top-notch dining experiences at two restaurants (a beach bar and an elegant fine dining restaurant) plus daily yoga classes and beach massages available at their luxury spa facility overlooking the Caribbean Sea below—it’s no wonder why this resort consistently ranks high among travelers who visit Belize!

5. Las Terrazas

One of the best ways to get a feel for the culture and people of Belize is by staying at a boutique hotel. A number of these hotels are located in San Pedro, which is one of the main tourist destinations in Belize. One such hotel is Las Terrazas.

Located right on the Caribbean Sea, Las Terrazas has an almost tropical vibe with its lush gardens and pool areas that overlook sweeping views of Coral Bay and Ambergris Caye. The resort offers many amenities including scuba diving lessons, snorkeling excursions, kayaking tours and private boat charters to nearby islands like Caye Caulker (home to one of the most popular dive sites in Belize). Those looking for more relaxation can visit their spa or spend some time lounging by their poolside bar where you’ll find plenty to eat from their menu as well as various cocktails made with local ingredients like sugar cane rum or coconut juice – all perfect after an adventurous day out on the water!

6. Xanadu Island Resort

Xanadu Island Resort is located on the island of Ambergris Caye, which is about 20 miles away from Belize City. The resort offers its guests a wide array of activities including scuba diving and snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding and more. There are 13 different types of dive sites within 40 minutes by boat from the resort with depths ranging from 30 ft (9 m) to 80 ft (24 m).

The PADI 5-star dive shop at Xanadu Island Resort offers daily boat trips to various nearby dive sites as well as night dives with certified instructors. If you aren’t ready to get in the water yet then there’s still plenty to do around this island paradise like enjoying some time at the beach or hiking through nature trails on land! You can also take advantage of their spa services before your next adventure!

7. Ocean Ridge Resort

Ocean Ridge Resort is located on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye. The resort has a beautiful beach and a great diving area, which makes this the perfect place to stay if you are looking for something that has both. The resort also has a great diving school, so if you are planning on learning to dive or just want to get better at it, this would be your best choice!

The food served at Ocean Ridge Resort is delicious and fresh. They have meals prepared by their chefs every morning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; all made with local ingredients from their garden farm. If you’re feeling like something lighter there will always be fresh fruit available in addition to coffee from an espresso machine that was imported from Italy (so good!). Their staff members are friendly too!

9. Sunbreeze Suites Hotel

The Sunbreeze Suites Hotel is a good place to stay in Belize for divers. It’s located in Hopkins Village, which is about 10 miles away from the international airport. The hotel itself has a small pool and bar, as well as some restaurants nearby. However, if you’re looking for a larger selection of restaurants and bars there are other places nearby that offer better amenities than the Sunbreeze Suites Hotel does. If you’re staying here with your family or friends it would be best to rent one of their apartments instead of booking an individual room because they have more space and less privacy issues than standard rooms do (or so I’ve heard).

The diving at this location varies based on what kind of experience you want out there: if all your focus is on coral reefs then this may not be the best option because they don’t get as much sunlight here compared to other locations like Sailrock Resort & Dive Center where sunlight isn’t an issue anymore since they’ve already started construction on building artificial reefs around their property so now there are no worries about low visibility due to lack of light anymore!

10. The Villas at Banyan Bay

Banyan Bay is located on the south side of Ambergris Caye, and is easily accessible by land or water. The resort offers a variety of room types, from master suites to cabanas and villas. The price range starts at $270 per night for a standard double, which includes daily breakfast, Wi-Fi and use of all facilities. If you want to go all out (and have lots of money) there’s even an available $2 million private villa with its own pool!

The resort offers amenities such as kayaks, snorkeling equipment and dive trips to nearby sites like Hol Chan Marine Reserve or Lighthouse Reef. You can also rent jet skis or take whale-watching tours from here if you’re feeling adventurous enough! Banyan Bay has two restaurants – one that serves breakfast only while another serves both lunch & dinner menu options; both are open air so make sure you wear sunscreen if you plan on dining outside during peak hours!

In terms of reception staff…

These hotels have the best diving in Belize.

If you want to dive, Belize is the place to do it. The best diving in Belize can be found at these hotels:

  • Caves Branch Resort
  • Turneffe Island Resort & Residences
  • Muffin’s Resort

Caves Branch Resort is located on the island of Caye Caulker and has a world-class diving center with equipment rentals and a large variety of dive sites nearby. Turneffe Island Resort & Residences is located on Turneffe Atoll, which provides some excellent opportunities for birdwatching as well as diving. Muffin’s Resort provides everything from basic rooms to luxury villas with private pools, but they’re all built around an appealing beachfront location where you can enjoy both swimming and snorkeling right off your doorstep.

Conclusion: Where To Stay In Belize For Diving?

We hope you have found the information in this article helpful for finding a place to stay that is both affordable and has great diving. If you are looking for more information on where to stay in Belize, check out our other blog posts on different places.