How much does scuba gear weigh?

How much does scuba gear weigh

Introduction One of these challenges is the weight limit for scuba divers. Divers are often limited by how much they can carry because some items on their equipment list are heavy and bulky. The weight limit for scuba gear is around 20-50 pounds depending on who you are and what equipment you bring to the … Read more

Review of Aqua lung i300c dive computer

Aqua lung i300c

The Aqua Lung i300c dive computer is a great combination console and wristwatch for divers. This lighted dive computer provides you more safety at depth. Its makes this dive computer an excellent choice for both new and experienced scuba divers. Aqualung i300C The dive computer is a great combination console and wristwatch. It’s easy to … Read more

How Many Scuba Dives Per Day

How Many Scuba Dives Per Day

Scuba diving is an amazing activity that allows you to explore the ocean. However, if you plan on getting certified and going out on your own, it’s important that you know how much time to spend underwater as well as how many scuba dives per day is ok. Majority of scuba divers’ choice Most scuba … Read more

Best places for scuba diving in Florida

best places in florida for scuba diving

Florida is known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches, but it’s also home to some of the best spots for scuba diving in the world. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced diver, there are plenty of places to explore below the surface of Florida’s waters. Here are 13 top locations that will … Read more

Shallow Water Blackout

shallow water blackout

So you have been scuba diving or freediving for a while, got your skills down, and decided to go for a record in the 80m-200m-300m dive range. Or maybe you’re just 5 meters underwater when everything turns pitch black. What just happened? The technical word for this phenomenon is shallow water blackout. It’s pretty common … Read more

Review of Tusa Paragon Mask

scuba `

The Tusa Paragon Mask is one of the latest additions to the popular line of dive masks from Tusa company. It features a unique design that provides an excellent fit and plenty of visibility. And while it does have some drawbacks, these aren’t major enough to make us not recommend it for most divers. Features … Read more

Night Diving

Night Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the most popular tourist attractions in places near the ocean. People who dive to see fish and coral reefs might not be aware that night diving offers a whole new perspective on the marine world. When it’s completely dark, divers use flashlights to illuminate their path. The experience can be … Read more

Scuba Diving Puerto Rico

Scuba Diving Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is part of the United States and is located in the Caribbean Sea. It has miles of pristine beaches, coral reefs, and an amazing underwater world that you can explore with a scuba diving certification from Puerto Rico. The best thing about diving in Puerto Rico is that it’s so easy to get … Read more

Scuba Diving La jolla San Diego

scuba diving in la jolla san diego

La Jolla San Diego is one of the most amazing places for scuba diving in Southern California and is home to some of the most beautiful marine life in the world. You can see everything from seal pups to Rocky Mountain spotted newts and even some unusual fish species like leopard sharks and horn sharks! … Read more

Scuba Diving in Miami

miami scuba diving

If you’re a fan of scuba diving and want to spend some time in the ocean, Miami is a must-visit location. The city is home to dozens of dive sites that are perfect for beginners or even professional divers. There’s plenty of fish, coral reefs and shipwrecks for everyone to explore! Best Scuba Diving In … Read more